Electrical installation works

"AVR PLUS' company offers technical solutions elaboration, electrical installation and starting-up works, commissioning and maintenance of objects on any type (interna and external systems). 

Internal networks:

  • cable systems- ducts metal and plastic;
  • piping connections;
  • power and lighting bus lines, power bridges;
  • lighting systems;
  • grounding systems;
  • distribution panels (main distribution panels, switchboard equipment, control panels etc.);
  • cable heating systems of stadiums,  access ramps, floors, roofs, pipelines etc.
  • Automated Utility Metering systems;
  • Control and operating panels of lighting systems, pump units, ventilation equipment, manufacturing equipment, regulating stations and panels;
  • safe and secured power supply systems on the basis of uninterruptible power supply units and diesel generators;

External networks and engineering facilities

  • Lighting systems (roads, stadiums, architectural lighting etc.)
  • Power distribution cable lines (10 kV, 0,4 kV)
  • Overhead power transmission lines (10 kV, 0,4 kV)
  • Transformer substations (complete transformer substations) 10 kV, 0,4 kV
  • Distributional panels 10 kV;
  • Lightening protection systems;
  • Grounding systems;
  • Cable duct systems for cable lines 10 kV , 0,4 kV;

We provide guarantee for all our work.

We operate in the territory of Ukraine as well as abroad.
We develop projects, drafts, schemes and offer technical solutions.

Also we assist in:
Obtaining of project technical specifications for energy supply;
Contract conclusion for energy supply

Fulfill the functions of EPC Contractor.

Flexible choice of materials and equipment, high-skilled personnel provide on time and qualitative carrying out of electrical Installation works which in turn improves your expenses.

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