About us

The "AVR PLUS" company offers the full range of work and services in design, installation and commissioning of engineering systems. Please consider our proposal in engineering services supply of objects. 

We sell

• Dry transformers, switching equipment for transformer substations  10/0, 4 kV, circuit breakers, differential circuit breakers, differential relays, contactors, starters, relays, frequency converters, engines soft starters, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC  automation equipment  etc.;

• UPS, voltage stabilizers, diesel generators.   

We produce:

• Distribution panels, automatic standby activation devices with high quality equipment for electric power distribution to ensure safe operation of electrical work and personnel protection systems, power supply and distribution chains.

• Solid control supply and pumping units, fans, etc., using frequency converters, soft starters.

We provide:

• Full complex of design, installation and commissioning of engineering systems - manufacturing facilities, warehouse facilities, commercial real estate, residential buildings and structures:

• Energy, power supply (transformer substations, switchyard, overhead lines, cable lines 10, 0.4 kV) and lighting;

• Individual energy and heat supply using gas-generator/cogeneration plants;

• High-quality and uninterrupted power supply by means of voltage stabilizers, UPS, generators;

• Ventilation, air conditioning,

• Electric heating of the floors, terraces, ramps, stadiums, anti-ice systems for roofs, piping heating;   

We develop:

• Pre-design concepts for energy supply facilities.


            The main advantage of "AVR PLUS" offers is technical solutions for engineering systems, customized to a particular object, deliberated with the technical and economic point of view.

            We have qualified staff and use the certified materials and equipment to perform the above mentioned kinds of work ensuring perfect performance of engineering systems, saving your primary and further operating costs.