Engineering Design services

The basic competence of our design department is design documentation elaboration wich is needed for construction and recostruction of industrial enterprises and energy providers, commercial real estate items, residential and administrative buildings, agricultural enterprises etc. 


  • elaboration at the stage of the initial idea (concepts of engineering/energy supply)
  • technical conditions and permissions reception;
  • inside and outside services and engineering utilities design of all stages: feasibility study, Sketch design/ Pre-project proposals, Project and Detailed project (Working documentation);
  • expert review and coordination of the project documents in the corresponding authorities;
  • General Designer functions;
  • Tender documentation preparation;
  • construction supervision;
  • commissioning

The experience, administrative resources and software make the work mentioned above to be done in term and at high quality as well as according to the tasks set by the Client. The current requirements in energy efficiency, environment safety and green building are also satisfied. 

Our company has all  necessary licenses and certificates. Our staff knows equipment and materials produced by leading national and foreign companies.


Preproject elaboration

  • Concepts of engineering supply of the objects to eliminate capital costs and further maintenance costs.
  • Examination of the building site to assess the potential of the existing infrastructure.
  • Elaboration of engineering supply variants taking in account location of the object, work schedules, specific features of the equipment in the framework of inter-influence of different engineering systems etc., feasibility study of investments (variants comparison).

The design department of our company develops design documentation for the following disciplines:


External engineering services:


  • Water supply and sewage disposal
  • Storm water drain
  • Power supply (cable and overhead lines up to 35 kV).
  • Heat supply
  • Gas supply
  • Communication lines

Engineering utilities:

  • Cable duct system
  • Transformer substations up to 35 kV
  • Boiler-houses, furnace houses, individual heat points
  • Electric and heat generation complexes with the use of cogeneration plants
  • Tri-generation plant
  • Pump stations
  • Storm water treatment facilities
  • Sewage pump station


Internal engineering services:

  • Power equipment and electric lighting
  • Кeliable and guaranteed power supply system on the bases of UPSs and diesel generators
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Water supply and sewage disposal
  • Mechanical annex (boiler houses, furnace houses, cogeneration plans, individual heat points)
  • Automation
  • Dispatching
  • Communication lines (computer lines, telephone lines) 
  • Broadcast system


We render service for documents preparation and submission to all the approving authorities in Kyiv for Technical conditions and requirements obtaining.

Order the design work cost calculation (is made specific according to your requirements).