Switchboard equipment production


"AVR PLUS" company is a switchboard equipment manufacturer and a licensed partner of SchneiderElectric company. Certified works meeting the requirements of energy efficient solutions and ecological safety, highly-skilled professionals trained by our Partner (SchneiderElectric company), software and high-grade tools provide the quality of output product. The engineer staff has great experience in this field and they are able to solve tasks of any difficulty from modular switchboard for apartment to high-technology industrial energy distribution systems and automatic process control systems with further installation.

Our company produces the following equipment:

  • distribution devices: switchgear 0,4 on the bases of PrismaPlus, Sarel , TriLine, Rittal;
  • power distribution: central switchboards, input dictribution device,. ВРУ, ПР, СП, УВР;
  • automatic standby activation systems: automatic transfer switch and all modifications
  • accounting and control systems: cases of accounting and distribution, accounting panel;
  • drive control systems: accounting panel, local control panel, control case;
  • reactive power compensation systems: capacitor compensation unit, Varset;
  • automation systems: automatic process control systems;
This list can be extended.

The switchboard equipment is produced with the use of equipment of our supply as well as of the Customer's one.