Busbar trunking systems


Busbar trunking sysytems, comprehensive and consistent for lighting and power distribution. A new path for achieving your electrical installations.

Busbar system is part of a comprehensive offer of products that are perfectly coordinated to meet all medium and low voltage electrical distribution requirements. All of these products have been designed to work together: electrical, mechanicaland communication compatibility.

The electrical installation is thus both optimised and high-performance.
Optimum system performance is ensured by coordination between the protection circuit breakers and the busbar trunking used for decentralised distribution. Decentralised electrical distribution with totalcoordination perfectly satisfies all your requirements in terms of safety, continuity of service, upgradeability and simplicity.

Decentralised electrical distribution with total coordination is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications including factories, warehouses, commercial premises and laboratories.

Advantages of busbar trunking systems

Maximise safety

Interlocking systems prevent mounting errors and reduce inspection times. Work is carried out safely without exposure to live connections. Live parts in tap-off units are not accessible. Tap-off units can be added and removed with the trunking energised. Interlocking devices eliminate connection errors. The PE conductor is connected before the phase and neutral conductors to enhance protection.

Control deadlines

Prefabricated design ensures smooth work flow. Installation times can be precisely planned in advance and, if plans must be changed, a fast and effective solution is always available with the adaptable and upgradeable busbar trunking system. The result is improved productivity.

Make modifications easy

With busbar trunking system, electrical equipment can be moved or a machine added easily and quickly. That is the type of service that customers appreciate. With cables, the same modification could take over a day. That can become a real problem if another job has already been scheduled. What is more, customers today expect this type of service at no extra cost.

Create a new image for electrical contracting
The worksite remains clean, with no cable ends or waste scattered about. Stand out from the crowd and gain customer recognition by installing modern upgradeable systems.